3 x Sony GTK XB7's performing.

What a fantastic piece of kit. I was so impressed, I bought three.
Some reviewers elsewhere have said that the bass on this system is too deep for certain types of music. I say, “No it’s not.”
The reason being is that you can turn the bass boost off and adjust the sound fields using the ‘SongPal’ app on your mobile phone. You can also use the sound fields on your mobiles music player to adjust the sound. When using three systems like myself, you can set each one to a different sound field for that perfect balance so you don’t lose vocals with the heavy bass tracks.
All the systems can be joined together with an RCA stereo cable and activation of the ‘Party Chain.’
With 450 watts of peak power output, your parties will never be dull or lifeless again. L.E.D. lights that flash to the beat of your tunes and they also can be adjusted using the Sony ‘SongPal’ app which is free to download.
The ‘Bluetooth’ is version 3.0 and it will charge your device whilst your music is in full swing.

Nguồn: https://gfxtoolkit.com

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