ClamCase+ Power for iPad Pro 9.7-The Top iPad Keyboard Case Gets Even Better-It Charges Your iPhone!

When I reviewed the ClamCase+ for iPad Air 2 last fall, I was exceedingly impressed and entitled my review ‘World’s Best Keyboard Case’. Well, with its new ClamCase+ Power, ClamCase has improved on a fantastic case design to make it even more appealing. Like the ClamCase+, it features a backlit keyboard, convenient function keys and a 360 degree hinge that allows you to position it in an almost unlimited variety of angles, from keyboard to stand to tablet. However, what the ClamCase+ Power adds is a 6000 MAh battery that can be used to charge your iPhone, other USB charged devices, or even the iPad Pro itself. 6000 mAh is quite a bit: it is enough to charge an iPhone 7 two and a half times. This large battery capacity also means that the ClamCase+ Power has a much longer battery life than previous ClamCase generations. Finally, the exterior of the ClamCase+ Power now has a soft touch finish that is pleasantly grippy and feels great in the hand. Overall, it is an impressive case indeed!

* 360 degree hinge allows you to move from closed, to various keyboard positions, to flipped backward into stand modes, to a flat tablet. Keyboard automatically turns off when case is placed in a stand and tablet modes. Versatile and extremely easy to use.

* 6000 mAh power bank that can be used to charge your iPhone or other devices that charge via USB. Large enough to charge an iPhone 7 two and a half times over.

* Bluetooth 3.0.

* Easy to pair.

* Large battery size gives this case 1000 hours of uninterrupted use with the backlight off, 120 hours of uninterrupted use with the backlight on, and 2 months of standby use.

* Backlit keyboard, with various brightness levels.

* Numerous function keys for things like privacy, home screen, foreign language or emoji keyboard, onscreen keyboard, search, Siri & keyboard brightness, as well as the typical volume and media controls.

* Charges with included micro usb cable. A full charge takes about 3 hours.

* Auto sleep wake.

* Easy iPad insertion and removal.

* Great hand feel, with a soft touch finish on the polycarbonate and aluminum shell. Gives a nice amount of grip to the case.

* Case feels protective overall, but has no mil-spec certification or drop height rating. There is also basically no lip around the screen for protection.

* Not surprisingly, the battery adds some degree of thickness and weight to the case, in comparison with the ClamCase+. However, the increase is pretty minimal and this case still feels great to use.

The ClamCase+ Power for iPad Pro 9.7” is available directly from ClamCase and Incipio, as well as from other retailers, and has an MSRP of $159. It comes in a single color: black. Many thanks to the kind folks at Incipio for sending me out this product to review.

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