HDD / SSD Caddy Adapter for HP Pavilion 17 and Pavilion 15

Add a 2nd HDD or SSD to your HP Pavilion 17 or HP Pavilion 15 by replacing the optical drive with a drive caddy.

For the HP Pavilion 17

For the HP Pavilion 15

Add a Second Hard Drive or SSD to your HP Pavilion 15 or HP Pavilion 17 f or e series laptop (Pavilion 17-fXXX – -eXXX, Pavilion 17-f0XX -e0XXX, Pavilion 17-f1XX -ef1XXX series) using your laptop’s optical drive bay. Add it as a second hard drive in the laptop in lieu of a SATA Optical drive. This caddy is designed for you to transfer your optical drive faceplate / bezel to the front of the drive caddy.


– Replace your optical drive with a 2nd Hard Drive or SSD
– Designed to accept your CD/DVD optical drive faceplate for a perfect match with the laptop.
– Works with 2.5″ SATA hard drives or SSD with heights equal to or less than 9.5mm
– Attach your optical drive’s faceplacte to the caddy
– Also includes a “Universal Black Faceplate” that attaches to optical drive

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