How to Backup & Restore iPhone using iTunes [2018] – Step-By-Step!

Learn how to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes step by step, in this tutorial. Backup and Restore iPhone process can be confusing sometimes. I tried making it easy. This tutorial will also help you to move photos, messages etc. to new iPhone. So, I hope restoring iPhone from backup shouldn’t be an issue for you after watching this tutorial.

➤ Learn Encrypted & Non-Encrypted backup difference here:
[How to Backup iPhone]

So, I hope this tutorial helps to learn How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes.

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➤ How to Backup and Restore iPhone using iTunes?

1. First, to restore your iPhone you need to back it up to iTunes. You can tap on BACK UP NOW button to backup iPhone. Also, checkout my tutorial [link above] ‘How to Backup iPhone to Computer’ which beautifully explains the difference between Encrypted and Non-Encrypted backup.

2. Once your iPhone is backed up to iTunes, you can tap on RESTORE button to start restoring your iPhone. Always choose the latest backup before restoring.

I hope this step by step Backup and Restore iPhone tutorial will be helpful.
Also, do not forget to checkout my another tutorial, How to Backup iPhone! [Link above]
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