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This list is based of my personal use with each laptop, Specs ,Performance and Design
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Honorable Mention – Hp Omen

10 – Alienware 13

9 – MSI GS60 Ghost Pro

8 – Razer Blade Pro

7 – MSI Dominator Pro

6 – Origin EON17-X/EON16-X

5 – Asus ROG G751

4 – Alienware 17(2015)

3 – Aorus x7 Pro

2 – Alienware 15(2015)

1 – MSI GT80

Note – Prices may fluctuate

MESSAGE TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS – I have been getting messages the past 3 month asking were I have been and if more videos were going to come up. I have now quit and also here to stay. The reason why a video has not been of for so long is that since the beginning of 2015, more and more products are being revised and updated so I have not been able to get my hands on all. I would not post a video until I had tried all products


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